Inka Outdoor, LLC is proud to offer the Venture OHV™ and the Venture XC™ – a pair of overland campers with serious capabilities.

Off Highway or Cross Country

Based on Inka Outdoor’s modern, highly refined teardrop camper body and integrated with a newly-designed, well armored off-road chassis, both the Venture OHV& Venture XCmodel teardrops bring together the elements required for a lifetime of truly exceptional overland or expedition camping adventure! These are our top-end units and both share the same style, look and rugged construction required to handle anything you throw at them.

The Venture Models are a fresh take on the overland adventure camper. A rugged yet fairly lightweight approach (considering the weight of most expedition rigs) both the Venture OHVand the Venture XC bring serious long-haul offroad capability to lighter vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Landcruiser. You are no longer limited to small-box “Jeep” style trailers or the ever-popular “once setup you can’t go anywhere” rooftop tent. Adventurers and travelers now have the option of bringing some serious civilization along. Base-camping while still being able to use your vehicle is truly practical with your Venture OHV™ or Venture XC.

The Choice – Inka Outdoor’s proven air suspension or Timbren Industries award-winning Axle-Less off-road suspension.

Venture OHV™ – Both models ride on 32 inch B. F. Goodrich All-Terrain T/A’s mounted on steel crawler rims (standard) and the designed-for-purpose chassis is fixture-built, MIG welded and protected with a 1,000-hour salt-spray rated powder-coat finish. The air-suspension based Venture OHV is equipped with twin trailing A-arms that are are mirrors of each other and capable of withstanding more than 2X the rated worse-case impact suspension loads.  Derated Firestone Ride-Rite air-springs support the body and provide a smooth, durable ride. Dual, manual air-toggle-valves allow you to balance the suspension loads with the standard onboard compressor and tweak the ride to suit the trail. Adjustable shocks dampen the bumps and an engineered sway-bar eliminates the “duck waddle” common in air suspended rigs. Oversized polyurethane bushings support the suspension components and grade-8 fasteners are used.

Venture XC™ – Equipped with Timbren Industries time-proven and incredibly rugged axle-less suspension, the Venture XC™ is our “cross country” model. With the same build and features of the Venture OHV™, the Venture XCis tough, capable and ready to tackle your adventures with the simplicity of a “never think about it’ 3500 lb rated rubber-spring suspension.

Both the Venture OHV& Venture XC –  come standard with 10″ electric drum brakes (with optional parking brake) to provide the stopping power and electric-over-hydraulic disc brakes are optionally available.  Both feature engineered 11 gage wall rectangular steel-tube frames with 3/16″ & 1/4″ laser cut steel components. All of this is protected in critical areas by 14 gage steel skid plates and removable (repairable) tubular rock-rails protect the body edges. Jeep-style 11 gage aluminum diamond-plate fenders are standard and diamond plate skins protect the composite camper body in critical areas. An articulated Lock-N-Roll™ off-road hitch/coupler is standard.

The rugged body – The familiar Inka Outdoor teardrop composite camper body is built up with an inter-layer fastener schedule, epoxy-composite reinforcements and heavy glass-fiber layers. Edges & corners are reinforced and the floor pan has no openings to allow water, dust or debris to enter. The water tanks (up to 36 gallons of fresh) are skid-plated and plumbing through-holes are sealed. No unnecessary wiring, plumbing or fittings protrude on the underside of the chassis and everything possible has been routed inside the vehicle to protect it. Rugged roof rack-rails are standard. Scrabbling over rocks & brush and deep water fording are no problem in standard trim. (some options may limit deep-water-crossing capability)

Optional features – of course, equipping your Venture OHV the way you want it is no problem.  Inka Outdoor has decades of customization experience in mission-critical vehicle industries and we want to build your Venture OHVto your spec. Our standard features and extensive options list allow for personalization, comfort and utility and we are willing to discuss your specific option needs.

Some of the items we can provide are: Racks (cargo basket, bike, boat, cooler, Jerry-can, game, extra propane, etc) — Multiple batteries, charging systems, voltages, etc. — Solar systems- various configurations — Hot water- electric, Diesel or LP gas. Built in or off-board — Outside showers — Heat and air conditioning – from basic electric to LP gas/diesel heating systems — Upgraded water tankage – 18gal freshwater tank is standard, upgradeable to 36 gallons – 7gal grey water tank available  — Entertainment/communications options from simple radio/HDTV to Iridium or Globalstar sat-coms — Complete off-grid inverter power systems with automatic changeover — Generator and locking system — Tool boxes — Refrigeration — Air compressor systems with accessories — Rear winch — Rooftop tents (various manufacturers) — Side tents (custom) — Screened enclosure (custom) — Spare tire/wheel racks/carriers — Electric over hydraulic disc brakes (Australia compatible) — Parking brake

Venture XC™ & Venture OHV™ Off-Road Camper – Dimensions and Weights

  • Ground clearance: ~17″ typical, 19″ maximum
  • Departure angle (rear) 22.5 degrees
  • Suspension travel: 5.75″
  • Body outside dimension: 119.5L x 62.5W x 60H
  • Overall height: approximately 82-84″ normal ride height to the top of the roof rails, 80″ with the suspension lowered
  • Overall length with frame/coupler: 172.5″
  • Maximum width (outside fenders): 87.5″
  • Max clearance required to fully open both doors (width): 150″ (32″ from fender required to clear vertical surface)
  • Wheelbase (coupler CTR to axle): 120″
  • Track width: 76.5″
  • Wheels: 15×8 steel crawlers, 5×4.5″ pattern, 3.5″ backspace standard
  • Tire Size: B. F. Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 32×11.5×15 standard
  • Brake size/type: 10×2.25″ Electric drum. Electric over hydraulic disc brakes optional
  • GVW: 2,750 lbs
  • Standard water tank – 18 gallons upgrade-able to 36 gallons
  • Empty weight:  approximately 1,500 lbs (varies with options)

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