IMG_20150819_170813At Inka
Outdoor, we completely design our campers from the ground up using 3D CAD before a single piece of metal or wood is cut. While we still do manually cut metal, weld, assemble, trim & finish by hand – like old-fashioned craftsmen- the large panels, cabinet parts and insulating foams are shaped on our in house CNC router andIMG_20150423_153239 CNC hot-wire foam cutting machines. This ensures that everything fits together as precisely in real life as it does in the virtual world and allows us to build campers with interesting curves and unique features while maintaining incredibly tight tolerances.

We borrowed techniques from the aircraft and custom-boat industries in our fabrication as well. Composite wall and floor panels are assembled in a vacuum press that delivers 25 tons of pressure, ensuring perfect glue contact and even
strength. Foam cored, laminated construction is used in the floor deck, sidewall and roof panels. Panels are epoxy & no-VOC glue-assembled from IMG_20151021_083236sustainable baltic birch plywood with recycled-content foam cores and structural ribs & cores cut from sustainable domestic plywoods.

We use all LED lighting for high efficiency and marine grade (or better) electrical components & wiring throughout. You will find
USB charging ports, plenty of 12V power and a higher-level of attention to detail in the wiring than is customary in campers or even in marine applications. We’ll IMG_20151203_113840be happy to discuss any ideas you might have and to prepare your teardrop for your high or low-tech needs!

Once the camper body has taken shape and all the prep-work has been done, engineered woven-glass fabrics are hand-laid in aerospace grade epoxy resin over the exterior surface. This creates a single-piece camper body with no exterior seams or joints to caulk, flex, twist, vibrate or leak over time. The final surface is sanded, prepped and then finished with a high-strength, UV stabilized textured urethane/epoxy hybrid that is virtually impervious to sunlight, water, wear or abrasion. This is the same material used to coat exposed steel on offshore oil platforms and is available in numerous colors.

IMG_20151114_174945Composite construction makes a camper that is considerably stronger, lighter and more comfortable than an all-plywood or an aluminum clad camper with caulked seams. The lightweight, one-piece composite body offers higher insulation ratings for better heating and cooling efficiency, is quieter and requires less maintenance!
Our lightweight, designed-for-purpose and fixture-welded trailer frame is fabricated IMG_20150211_210134_resizefrom 2″ x 3″ rectangular and 1 1/4″ square steel tubing and is built in several different variations.

Electric brakes and a removable front leveling jack are standard on all models. Rear stabilizers are standard. We also provide a 2″ rear receiver for a bicycle carrier or accessory rack and dual 1 1/4″ rear receiver connections for grill or other items and a 2″ vertical receiver at the front for our own line of accessories.  Of course, the camper body has hard-points designed-in for our roof-rails so you can mount your bike, kayak or paddleboard rack on the top. The trailer frames are powder-coated for long life!

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