We at Inka Outdoor love to cook and share meals with friends so we designed our teardrop galley with that in mind! Ergonomics was the top priority so you will find our galley to be chef and cook-friendly!

The galley features a large stainless-steel counter that is as close to residential-kitchen counter-height as possible, plenty of cabinet space, lots of light, a deep over-sized stainless sink and thoughtful design. Cabinets are lined to protect your dishes and the standard 2-burner propane stove will handle most meals. Provisions for an optional microwave oven or convection oven/rotisserie and gas grill can extend the galley’s capabilities well beyond what you find in the typical teardrop or even in many larger campers. Stove upgrades to a sealed-burner unit or a removable camp-stove are possible. Adding the optional Weber Q1000 grill on it’s folding arm turns the galley into a complete cooking and prep station. The rain protection provided by the over-sized galley door covers not only the counter surfaces but extends far enough out to keep you shaded & dry as well.

The slide out center tray was designed to carry either an AC/DC powered ARB 37 quart refrigerator/freezer or a Yeti 45 quart cooler, both available as options. 18-gallons of fresh water and a pressurized water system with gooseneck faucet are standard items and make cooking and cleanup easy so dry camping for several days is easily managed. A 7-gallon grey-water tank, city-water connection and outside washdown faucet are available as is a full hot-water system with detachable shower. A battery voltage meter, dual USB charging ports, 12V accessory outlet and 120V outlets are provided as standard.

Up to 7 latching galley cabinets with almost eleven cubic feet of storage space are possible in different configurations. (air conditioning, appliances, etc. can reduce available space and cabinet count) The top center compartment can be a large cabinet or carry a standard kitchen appliance and the lower center shelf is a great place for your picnic basket, juicer or blender & bar items, depending on your preference!

Four bright overhead LED work lights that can change color to suit your mood provide all the light you might need and give you the option of dim or colored light when you want it.

Please contact us for more information 828-539-0842   –  info@inkaoutdoor.com