Inka Outdoor, LLC is proud to offer the Brevard Hustler a classically inspired modern, high-end teardrop camper.

TXT-2015-12-11 16.06.28Reminiscent of the classic teardrops that originated in the late 1930’s through the 1950’s, the Brevard Hustler takes a fresh approach to the teardrop style. Modern construction methods and natural, sustainable materials have been blended to realize a design that captures the teardrop experience while providing modern comfort and reliability.

HustlerThe Brevard Hustler™ name originated with a small Appalachian newspaper that operated during the 1890’s in the Blue Ridge Mountain lumber town of Brevard, North Carolina, south-west of Asheville. The region is home to miles of gravel roads & rivers, hundreds of waterfalls, beautiful vistas, the Pisgah National Forest and lots of great camping and other outdoor opportunities. The people of Brevard and the surrounding towns fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle and often venture out along The Blue Ridge Parkway for adventures. We felt that naming our teardrop design the Brevard Hustler™ was an appropriate nod to the region, the people and the history of this incredible part of the country.

At Inka Outdoor, we tend to shy away from words like “luxurious” or “glamping” but we’re beginning to hear others use those words to describe our products. Usually, teardrops are sort-of basic and considered to be a first step between tent-camping and motorhomes but at Inka Outdoor, we believe that teardrops are the highest step! A good teardrop is compact, comfortable and easy to manage all while being extremely livable and well equipped to meet the needs of anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures. Setup time in a teardrop takes just seconds (literally turn off the car and you’re basically done!) so the transition from driving to outdoor enjoyment is quick. Plus, you are still “camping” in a teardrop with outdoor cooking, etc. while in a motorhome or larger camper you are basically staying in a mobile apartment, isolated from nature.

IMG_20151211_160837Teardrop owners enjoy a special kind of nostalgic interest from others as they travel around and we like to warn our new customers to allow a little extra time when stopping at overlooks or local shops. If you’re towing a teardrop, everyone will want to take a look and say hi. Pulling into a campground that is showing a “no vacancy” sign will often result in them finding you a prime spot on the front lawn (r right next to the bath-house) for your teardrop.

The Brevard Hustler has loads of features you won’t find in most teardrops as well and many features that make it unique in the industry.

IMG_20151211_181512Outside –  The Brevard Hustler is lightweight (about 1050lbs base, empty) making it exceptionally easy to tow and handle. Behind a mid-size car or small SUV you will find that the Brevard Hustler handles like it’s part of your vehicle. It’s easy to see around being about the same width as most cars and the standard trailer brakes (tow vehicle must be equipped with brake controller) provide a seamless balance when stopping. The clean body lines, front storage/cargo tray, large underbody drawers (optional) and seamless design make for an easy trailering experience with all your gear safely aboard. All LED trailer lighting, front and side flood lights, standard leveling jacks and removable front jack are all easy to deal with. The doors lock securely with automotive-grade lock hardware and the places that could leak are well engineered to keep the water out. The exterior is finished with a textured, 2-part urethane/epoxy hybrid that is tough and durable. Minimal maintenance is required other than occasional washing.

2015-12-17 12.00.32Inside – Our larger-than-normal interior, accessed through oversized gull-wing doors, has a clean design and is equipped with excellent cabinet storage, great entertainment options and of course, an exceptionally comfortable bed. A full sized, queen mattress is provided (with a washable cover) rather than the usual “camper foam” found elsewhere.  Standard LED overhead lighting and reading lights provide plenty of illumination and don’t drain the on-board battery significantly, allowing for several days of camping without searching for a plug-in. An optional (reversible) overhead vent fan supplements the openable side windows with forced airflow on warm nights or you can choose the “central” air conditioning and heating system for the ultimate in comfort. USB charging ports for your portable devices are standard as is a 12V accessory outlet. 120V outlets are provided and power is available with the camper is connected to campsite power or one of the generator or inverter options is selected.

2015-12-15 17.29.57Galley – The galley kitchen is accessed from outside through the large, curved rear hatch in true teardrop style. The galley in the Brevard Hustler is well equipped, spacious and very usable offering plenty of storage with standard running water, oversized sink, 2-burner gas stove and stainless-steel countertop. The open hatch has bright LED task lighting that are color changing lights to adjust “the mood” if you’d like. A pull-out tray securely accommodates a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler or the ARB 37 quart rugged refrigerator-freezer. Cabinets abound with plenty of storage for food and cookware.

All in all, we at Inka Outdoor believe that the Brevard Hustleris the nicest little teardrop trailer you can buy! Our fabrication and construction happens almost entirely in-house and we control the quality and assembly of every component. By using sustainable wood materials and recycled-content man-mades where possible we are transforming our passion for the great outdoors into one of the best made campers available.

Brevard Hustler™ Classic Teardrop – Dimensions and Weights

  • Body outside dimension: 119.5L x 62.5W x 60H
  • Overall height: 73.5″ (with fan cover: 77″)
  • Overall length with frame/coupler: 169.5″
  • Maximum width (outside fenders): 80″
  • Max clearance required to fully open both doors (width): 150″
  • Wheelbase (coupler CTR to axle): 120″
  • Track width: 73.25″
  • Wheels: 13″ standard trailer (no offset) 5 x 4.5″ pattern
  • Tire Size: 175-80R13 radial
  • Brake size/type: 7 x 1.25 2000lb electric
  • GVW: 1750lbs standard, 2,200lbs max (we can adjust this at time of manufacture)
  • Standard water tank – 18 gallons
  • Empty weight:  approximately 1100lbs (varies with options)

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